LEarn a language with us

My name is Lucy Martin.  I graduated from Oxford uni with a first class degree in Spanish and French back in 2000, qualified as a language teacher shortly after,, and have been teaching Spanish, French and English ever since! I lived and worked in Spain for several years and learned to love the Spanish language and culture, liking nothing better than helping my fellow native English speakers to appreciate it too.

I've taught my language - and the languages I have learned - to the highly educated and the barely literate, to people in their eighties and toddlers still in nappies,to accomplished linguists and the truIy terrified, and I love adapting what I do to the needs and pace of my learners and watching everyone make progress (at their own speed) towards their personal goals, whether that be mastery or an easy-going hobby.

I firmly believe in lifelong language learning and in my free time I'm trying to improve my (basic) Mandarin Chinese and Italian and learn to read and translate Ancient Greek.  I may be fluent and qualified to teach French, Spanish and English, but I am still a beginner learner of Chinese and Italian, so I know how daunting learning a language can be and how important it is that the atmosphere and materials in a class are non-threatening, easily accessible, and thoughtfully designed, and what a difference it makes to have an approachable, understanding teacher.

I am confident that you'll love the experience of learning with Language for Fun, and can't wait to hear from you.

What is Language for Fun?

Our Language courses in Blackheath and Greenwich are run in groups that are much smaller than other colleges. We have a highly structured curriculum which has been specifically designed for adult learners who want to learn  for fun as a hobby, and we focus on speaking and communication skills. You don't have to do homework unless you want to, and we are convinced that making friends and enjoying the social side is just as important as the progress you make.

Many of our groups end up as long term friends.

Our Beginners courses are perfect if you've never done any study before, but there are also the right courses for those who have done GCSE  or (O Level of course) and need to dust it off a bit! We go right through with our own bespoke curriculum to Advanced and beyond so there's something for everyone!


If you can't find the exact Spanish lessons you want  do get in touch as we have waiting lists for the less popular courses. I also have local contacts for GCSE Tuition and Children's classes in French, Spanish and Italian. 


I'm really proud of our language school and I look forward to hearing from you in the hope that we can be a part of your language learning journey!

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A range of useful contacts

I am lucky enough to work with a fantastic network of linguists and language learning providers in the local area.  Between us we can help you.  Check out the tabs above for a selection of the language learning services on offer locally. We can direct you to children's classes,adult classes in the Bromley and Chislehurst areas, and several local private tutors for Spanish, Italian and French